Greeley Home Inspection



Greeley It was founded as the Union Colony in 1869, an experimental utopian society, but the name was later changed in honor of Horace Greeley when the Governor Benjamin Harrison Eaton declared Greeley an official city on April 6.

Greeley was built on farming and agriculture but kept up with most modern technologies as they grew. This is true even to this day, Greeley Colorado continues to experience enormous growth with excellent parks like the Sanborn Park and Centennial Park it is a ideal city to raise a family. The utopian principles of city’s founding still exist and evident in the bustling economy and city feel while being a predominantly agricultural community.

Greeley also has a booming housing market as well thanks to its well balance mix of city and agriculture which means housing development and sales have risen and the demand for Greeley home inspection services has also increased. In Greeley, Colorado a contract to purchase a house may include a contingency that the contract is not valid until the buyer, through a home inspector, has had an opportunity to verify the condition of the property.

Here at RPM Home Inspections we have take that to heart and are meticulous and extremely detail oriented in our complete home inspection services ensuring the home buyer is confident in whether the property condition is acceptable or not.

So what does Greeley Home Inspection Look Like?

A home inspection is a visual and mechanical examination of the physical structure, vital major mechanical systems and appliances of a property. The inspection will help you gain a better understanding of the overall condition of the property from an objective 3rd party point of view. RPM Home Inspections has fully trained home inspectors on the proper operation of commonly found systems in the home. Specific household systems can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Structural Components (foundations, floors and walls)
  • Exterior Components (siding paint, windows, decks, garage doors, etc)
  • Roofing (coverings, flashings, chimneys, etc.)
  • Plumbing (piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage systems, etc.)
  • Electrical (wiring, main service panels, conductors, switches, receptacles, etc.)
  • Heating (equipment, safety controls, distribution systems, chimneys, etc.)
  • Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (cooling and air-handling equipment, controls and ducting, etc.)
  • Interior (partitions, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, etc.)
  • Insulation and Ventilation (attics, walls, floors, foundations, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.)

Why hire RPM Home Inspections for a Greeley Home Inspection?

We have been in business since 2012 offering only the highest quality, friendly home inspection in Greeley Colorado. Our home inspectors are trained and upheld to a much higher expectation than industry regulations. We have been told we provide the most in depth reporting with easy to read, but detailed summaries by many local real estate agents in the area. Having dedicated single point of contact home inspectors that work directly with our home buyers also gives a very personalized one on one experience which has earned us the best customer service ratings among our home buyers and real estate agents locally.

Find out for yourself that RPM Home Inspections is the premiere home inspection company in Greeley Colorado for all your home buying and house flipping needs. Give us a call today at (720)-305-7817 to schedule your Greeley Home Inspection.